Monday, June 27, 2011

An excerpt from Analogy of My Heart Volume 1

My Retrospect

I smiled when you told me you loved me,
I cried when you said there was no way,
I was content when you held me,
I was demanding when you said you couldn’t stay.

I sighed when you spoke of forever,
I laughed when you tried to be serious,
I was sad when you said “Goodbye forever”,
I was alone when my tears came delirious.

I spoke softly when you came back to me,
I broke my will that said not to let you stay,
I was broken hearted when I realized you couldn’t be,
I was alone when my dream went away.

My life moves on as the sands fall through the glass,
And my most joyous times you were not there.
Yet I still remember those nights that should have lasted,
Those are the days that I hold dear.