Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Ocean Playlist

I always make a play list when I write.  I am very music driven.  Sometimes I loop a song as I write a scene, or if I want to recapture feelings a character has for another, I’ll listen to a bunch of songs that remind me of that one.  I’m sure there are a lot of Authors and writers that write like that.  So the Ocean was no different for me.  The Ocean is so near my heart because I began writing it as a teenager.  It’s definitely not the same animal that it began as, though.  Names changed, plot lines rooted and grew, but the main story stayed the same.  

There were some I chose for obvious reasons, Beyonce’s Dangerously In Love isn’t only one of my go-to songs but it is Gia’s favorite song.  Travis’ favorite is Simple man by Lynard SkinnardDavid Cook’s Permanent was written for his brother struggle with cancer, it has such a beautiful message of love.   The acoustic version of Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls, is beautiful.  I am partial to any version of a song that is acoustic, and really, if I’m being honest any Boys Like Girls song.  They always end up on my playlists.  When I wrote the scenes for Travis and Gia as they fell in love, I played a few song songs.  Feels Like Tonight by Daughtry, John Mayer’s Freefalling(which is one of my ultimate faves), Stars and Boulevards by  Augustana, On Fire by Switchfoot and I’m Yours by The Script.  They are all such romantic songs.

The conflict songs were a little harder to come by, I chose Jesse McCartney’s It’s Over, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes by Kesha, and Don’t Speak Liar by We The Kings.   I’m generally not one for conflict so I really dug deep to make these scenes work.

***I hope this give you a little insight to Travis and Gianna.***

You are Amazing,


Just Another Saturday

I wake up to the shrieks of children, arguing over who killed who in the Mario game on the wii.  For some reason the kids never wake me up when they get up on Saturday mornings.  If their father is home, he'll wake me up but they don't.  I haven't decided yet, if it's because A. they are being sweet angels and want to let me sleep in; or B. wanting to get away with something.  So I stumble out of bed, and down the stairs to find the two of them wrestling on the floor.  Little Man (4) has Baby Gurl (9) pinned.  she's flailing her arms and kicking her legs to no avail.  He wears a triumphant smile.  I decided it's B.
"Get off of your sister."  I say, in not so much a correcting tone, but more of a 'not again' tone.  He does and she pushes him further down on the floor, as if to get the last say. I'm in the kitchen now starting coffee and put their breakfast bowls in the sink.  They are arguing again in the living room.  I can count it down, 3. . .  2. . .  1. . .
"Mah-om, sissy won't..." little man begins as he chases her round the island in the kitchen, and then they are gone, stomping up the stairs and giggling.  I fix my coffee, and the ceiling over me shakes.
"Stop jumping off my bed!"  I call up.
"OK."  They sing in unison.

And thus begins just another Saturday.