Monday, April 11, 2011

A Lyrical Experiment

I will be running a mini contest from Wednesday through Saturday this week.  The concept is simple.  I will randomly post a lyric from a song in The Ocean Playlist.  The first person who responds will be the winner.  You can find the Playlist for the ocean here on my website/blog and on

The Rules
1.  You must be 13 years of age or older
2.  The post will appear as #theocean #playlistcontest  'lyrics,'
3.  The correct response will be @miacastile #theocean #playlistcontest song title and artist
4.  This is strictly a twitter contest.  If by chance the post appears on Facebook, there will not be a winner chosen from Facebook.
5.  This is open to anyone with a postal address.

The Prize
A personalized postcard and a bookmark.

**All Lyrics verified from**

I Got My Windows Down Rollin'

One of my favorite things about spring and summer is driving on the highway with the windows down, music blaring and singing at the top of my lungs. In those sheer moments of happiness no one judges your voice, or how wild your hair looks.  No one can even hear you if you are alone, it is you and the passion, well, and alertness to the road and other drivers because safety first, but you know what I mean.
     When my older sister got her license she and I would take road trips just for the road trip.  We would crank the music, having to yell at each other as we talked, because it would be silly to roll up the windows and turn the music down, just to hear the conversation.  We felt free, elbows hanging out of the windows and our hair blowing around whipping our faces.  We'd talk about boys, best friends, and anything else that popped into our minds.  When we returned home after putting two hundred miles on her car we'd spend half of the night rehashing what we'd already obsessed over.    
     As you get older, sometimes you forget about the simplistic fun things you did when you were younger.  I love piling my little ones in the car, plugging in my ipod and asking  "Hey guys, do you want the windows down rollin'?"  They usually cheer and clap their hands. and we roll down the windows and turn up the music.  Whether it's a five minute drive or three hour drive, I've shared with them a little bit of something that made happy memories for me as a young girl.