Monday, June 6, 2011

All The King's Horses and All The King's Men

I thought this was the perfect place to sit. 
To my east i saw the city and all the bustle.
Cars and trains moving on their way,
People going about their busy day.

To my West I saw the sun set.
Over the forest's tall green trees.
As the birds chirped and the squirrels squeaked,
I leaned in closer to take a closer peak.

I didn't realize i'd climbed so high.
I didn't even consider why i shouldn't have
but i did, and as i leaned closer to take a peak,
i lost my balance and gripping on the wall so sleak.

Down ward tumbling, falling fast
My life escaping me flashing past.
I saw my loves, waving goodbye
A mistake i'd made so easily, why? 

A thousand pieces, broken, there i lay.
Eye witnesses gathered, but stood too far away.
Mobile phones calling 9-1-1
To tell the king's court what i had done.

So all the King's Horses, and all the King's men
couldn't put broken me, together again.